Good Grief: These Law School ‘Debt Per Job’ Numbers Are Ugly

April 8, 2015

The legal education industry is such a reliable source of gloomy trend stories that by now there is an understandable tendency to just tune it all out. However, once in a while, someone will rearrange familiar information in a new so way that it has the capacity to startle. Such is the case with some law school “debt per job” statistics shared with us by our friends at M7 Financial.

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Have An MBA Student Loan Question? Ask Cory, Our Resident Expert

March 23, 2015

Cory Pollock is co-founder of M7 Financial, a firm focused on the careers and student loan requirements of students and alumni. Prior to M7 Financial, for ten years Cory was an Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager with JPMorgan Asset Management’s high yield team that managed more than $30 billion in assets primarily invested in credit related products such as loans. Before JPMorgan, Cory was a fixed income Investment Banker with Banc of America Securities.

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The Most And Least ‘Creditworthy’ Law Schools

March 3, 2015

As we await the official start of rankings season, an intriguing new way of assessing law schools appears. What if law schools were assigned “credit ratings” in the manner of corporations? Today, student loan firm M7 Financial is giving ATL an exclusive preview of its novel take on the whole law school rating question. Rather than emphasizing the usual suspects such as LSAT scores or GPA, M7’s “Credit Ratings for Law Schools” considers only one metric: “the ability of an average student at each program to pay typical program-related student loan obligations upon graduation.”

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Harvard and Stanford’s business schools don’t look as good as Brigham Young’s when you account for debt

March 2, 2015

Most business school rankings have one of Harvard or Stanford on top, their graduates command the highest salaries, and benefit from particularly powerful networks. But a report from student lender M7 Financial puts them below Brigham Young’s Marriott School, and alongside less prestigious schools including Ohio State’s and the University of Washington’s, while Bloomberg Businessweek’s top-ranked program, Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, is in the second-lowest tier.

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A new report says that BYU has a better value MBA than Harvard

February 26, 2015

A master's in business administration can be an expensive degree, but if you're smart about where you go, it can also be a valuable career investment.

Harvard is often touted for having the best value MBA program in the country as it has a high employment rate after graduation and high starting salaries, but according to a new graduate school credit ratings report by financial firm M7 Financial, it's Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Management that comes out on top.

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